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Our agility and our experience at your service at every stage of the project

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AVP - Pre-projects



OPC - organization and control


Work monitoring

DOE - Harvest

Expertise process potabilisation 

Drinking water process expertise
and water purification

We are involved in design and construction studies of drinking water production units and wastewater treatment plants before the project and during the works phase.


  • Calco-carbonic-pre-oxidation balance, (Fe, Mn, Mo)

  • Conventional processes by clarification (coagulation, flocculation, decantation, filtration)

  • Membrane processes (Mf, Uf, reverse osmosis)

  • Disinfection (liquid and gas chlorination, UV, chlorine dioxide, ozone)

  • Advanced treatments (iron, manganese, arsenic)

  • Raw water, wash water and treated water pumping stations

  • Reagent dosage

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Field and laboratory analyzes (bacteriology, physicochemical parameters, chlorination tests)

Expertise process potabilisation

Pipeline VRD expertise
piping and valves

Piping systems and their connection hold no secrets for us! So our plans are faithful to the equipment of the trade, you save a considerable time in the execution!


  • VRD and pumping projects; new works and rehabilitations.

  • Application of European connection standards (with flanges in 1092-2 and BSP withworth gas thread).

  • We integrate into our studies and plans the best choice of valves, materials and fittings depending on the application, pressure conditions, nominal diameter (Dn) (rubber or metal gate valve, knife gate valve, butterfly valve, valve ball valves, meters, flow meters, non-return valves, filters, pressure reducers, taps
    float ...)

Expertise V.R.D canalisations tuyauterie et robinetterie

Fluid mechanics


We bring our experience in the design of drinking water and wastewater transport projects, on your plants or treatment systems and in your networks.

  • Study of gravity flows under load and at free surface

  • Calculation of linear, singular and mass pressure drops

  • Calculation of pipe support

Mécanique des fluides

Mécanique des fluides RDM - Graviwater
Electricité automatisme instrumentation

Electricity automation instrumentation

  • Proposal of controlled systems and information feedback to the central PLC

  • Integration into our plans and studies of valve equipment and automatic analyzers

  • Automatic sand filter cleaning system

  • Pump control according to several parameters

  • Monitoring of quality parameters in real time for drinking water (Ph, turbidity, chlorine) and wastewater (MES)

  • We work with panel builders, automation engineers and experienced programmers to integrate EAI into our projects.

Électricité automatisme instrumentation

From preliminary project to proofing

Missions ingénierie

Engineering missions

We work on any type of mission: sketch, pre-project, execution file, OPC, DCE, MOE.

Using software and our own calculation programs, we research and present to you the best technical and economic solution in relation to the field conditions.


  • Definition of treatment channel

  • Drafting of calculation and sizing notes

  • Drafting of technical specifications for equipment

  • Consultation and monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors

  • Work monitoring

  • Writing of technical briefs and operating manuals

  • Simulations (flows, pumping, piping stresses and transient phenomena)

Missions DAO

DAO missions

Thanks to our own library made up of 3000 standardized references we offer
all business plans dedicated to your project, from single line diagram to 3D model and from A4 to A0 format. 3 possible precision formats


  • Process diagrams: P&ID ISO, PFD

  • Schematic diagrams, single line sketches

  • Altimetric diagrams

  • Hydraulic step profile

  • Layout plans

  • 2d / 3d project presentation mockups

  • Overall and detailed equipment plans

  • Piping routing plans

  • Special parts book

  • Isometric plans

  • Boilerwork guide plans

  • Connection plans




Adjust the detail of your plans

The plan is the setting up of in-depth analyzes of future installations projected on the field data. It serves as a means of communication for the entire project team. It must be read and understood by each party and not be subject to interpretation. Its precision is essential because it is the basis of the financial analyzes of a project.


We offer 3 ranges of detail depending on the details of annotations and drawing

Ajustez le détail de vos plans

Gravi+ Graviwater plans techniques
Accès GraviCLOUD
Jours ouvrés 24/24h pendant toute la durée du projet
7/7, 24/24h, jusqu'à 1 mois après la clôture du projet
Éléments de robinetterie en espace papier
Tout équipement et raccord est nomenclaturé
Tout équipement et raccord est nomenclaturé et relié à une fiche produit
Représentation des éléments de raccordements de canalisations (adaptateurs, manchons)
Représentation équipements
Bibliothèque Graviwater
Bibliothèque Graviwater
Bloc fiche produits
Ajustements des couches de superposition entre les calques
Nomenclature équipements livrée au format excel
Tableau de liaison documentaire (Ref doc)
Tableau de liaison fiches produits
Bâtiments et tuyauterie
À la demande
Livraison des plans
Format PDF
Formats PDF, DWG
Formats PDF, DWG
Nombre d'aller-retours
Modèle graviwater à remplir par vos soins
Graviteam équipe 2022 Graviwater

Collaborate with us

It means trusting experts with 15 years of experience in water and industry. For each project that you entrust to us, we are committed to being responsive, competitive and determined to make it a success for your business development.

Thanks to our GraviCLOUD solution, you keep control and clear your mailbox!

We draw up the studies and plans under your direction and make the elements available in our 100% secure shared space. You have access to everything, 24/24 and remotely from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You free up your hard drive space until the final rendering. Your operational teams can read and open the plans on site from their smartphone!

Let's discuss your project together!

Our technical references


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